We are taking the next step in our journey and won't sell Spotify Business anymore, instead we've built something even better for you - Soundtrack Business. A new interface but with a larger music catalog and better features.

Already using Spotify Business?

You can still use the service, but it’s not available for new customers anymore. Log in to your current account here.

Why is Spotify Business no longer available?
Soundtrack Your Brand was founded in a small Stockholm office more than four years ago. Our partnership with Spotify let us create our first product: Spotify Business, made for streaming in commercial business environments.

After building and launching the service in Sweden, Norway, and Finland, we aimed even higher and set our sights on the world. In the fall of 2016, we launched our international B2B streaming service. We named it Soundtrack Business.

With more advanced features and a music library consisting of over 30 million songs, our focus the past year has been to make Soundtrack Business the very best music streaming solution for businesses.

And now, it's time for Soundtrack Business to take front stage in the Nordics.

Learn more and sign up for Soundtrack Business here.