This message is shown on your account when we can’t connect to your device. There can be several reasons to why you see this message as it's shown when:

  • The device lost its internet connection
  • The device isn't powered on
  • The application isn't running on your Android, iOS or Windows device

If music is playing

If your device is playing music it means it's playing downloaded/cached songs in the offline mode. You will see the message every time the device looses the internet connection so there is usually no reason to worry – especially if you're using a WiFi connection. The message will go away when the player is online again.

If you see this message for a few days even though your device should have had the chance to reconnect to the internet, you need to troubleshoot your network. Follow these instructions.

If music is not playing

If music is not playing, you need to troubleshoot your device. Follow the steps for your device: