Spotify Business is no longer available for new customers. If you already have an account and are wondering how to play music, you can read more about your different options below.

Spotify Business provides two ways to play music. Pick the option that suits your needs best:

1. Soundtracks and playlists

Playing Soundtracks is an incredibly smart and fast way to find music that’s right for you. Soundtracks come in a wide variety of styles and levels of intensity to suit any business. We continuously update these soundtracks with new music to keep them fresh, so you don't have to. You also get access to professionally curated playlists. Unlike our never-ending soundtracks, a playlist covers up to 3 hours of music and are perfect for time-limited events. Listen to our soundtracks and playlists here.

2. Your personal weekly schedule

Create your own weekly schedule with music from your private Spotify playlists. This option is great if you want to create a distinct brand sound. This page helps you set up your own schedule, step by step.

You need to use our Windows client or our iOS app to play music. Find our supported devices here.