Spotify consumer players offer a simple way to play music in your place of business. However, if you want to use any of the cool Spotify Business features you need to use a business player instead. 

The advantages of using a business player are many:

  • You will be able to use our professionally curated soundtracks
  • You can build your own distinct brand sound with our scheduling tool 
  • You can share your sound in-store with our display feature
  • You can control the music playing in-store with our remote app

Sound interesting? Setting up your business player is easy!

1. Set up a business player 

Search for your zone and click on "Set up a business player."

Select what player you want to use and click on "Connect." Find more information about supported devices and different options here.

Follow the instructions on your screen to connect the player to your device.

The player also needs to be setup in your physical location as it needs to be connected to your sound system and requires Internet access. Follow our easy setup and user guides for each player:

2. Choose your music
Decide your musical profile by choosing one or several of our professionally curated soundtracks. There’s one for every business, and they are free of charge. 

Find our professional soundtracks under Discover music. Quickly listen to a soundtrack by clicking on the "Preview" button next to it.

Click on "Add soundtrack" or the + icon to add one or several soundtracks that you like to "Your music." Then, click on "Assign." 

Select if you want to assign the soundtrack to all, some, or just one of your zones.