The right music at the right time makes a big difference, that’s why we offer our customers professionally curated music. 

Playing Soundtracks, an endless stream of music compiled by our music experts, is an incredibly smart and fast way to find music that’s right for you. Soundtracks come in a wide variety of styles and levels of intensity to suit any business. We continuously update these soundtracks with new music to keep them fresh, so you don't have to.

In addition to soundtracks you get access to Playlists. Unlike a soundtrack that never stops playing, a playlist has up to 10 hours of music with a specialized theme and is perfect for any special occasion. All the playlists are divided into different collections: you’ll find gym music under “Working Out” and so on.

You can add as many soundtracks and playlists as you want and you can easily switch between them. Working with the music in Soundtrack Business is done in two steps:

1. Discover what music you like

You can find our soundtracks and playlists under "Discover music" in the top menu. 


Click on a soundtrack or playlist to hear what they sound like. When you click on a soundtrack's name, you'll find a description, the energy level and included artists. Most soundtracks exclude explicit lyrics.

2. Choose what you want to play

When you’ve found a soundtrack or playlist that fits your business, just click “Play.” The music will be assigned to a zone of your choice. All the soundtracks and playlists you select will be saved under “Your Music.”

Tip: No matter how carefully you plan your work week, reality doesn’t always stick to the plan. With our remote app, your staff can change music, fine-tune the volume or skip tracks in order to adjust to changing conditions. The app supports iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch and can be downloaded from App Store on devices with iOS 9. Click here to get started.