Sonos is a wireless audio system that is compatible with Spotify Business. Note that you need one Sonos unit. Follow the instructions below depending on what player you are using. 

iOS, Windows and Soundtrack players

Connect your Spotify Business device and your Sonos with an audio cable. 

  1. Check that your Sonos unit has a line-input. The line-input is where you should connect the audio cable, and it's usually found on the back of the Sonos unit. For instance, PLAY:5 has one, but PLAY:1 does not. If your unit doesn't have a line-input, you can bridge the unit to another Sonos unit that does.
  2. Connect an audio cable (3.5 mm) to the headphone jack on your Spotify Business player and put the other end into the line-input on the back of your Sonos unit.
  3. Switch audio source to line-in on your Sonos controller. Open the Music Menu, select Line-In, Source and click Play now.

If you want to play different music in your location you need to create more than one zone in Spotify Business. Each zone is connected to a unique device which you connect to a Sonos unit.

Spotify premium apps

You can use the Spotify app in Sonos to play music in your place of business. With this option, you log in to the Spotify app with a username and password, but please note that it can not be combined with any of the Spotify Business features. 

  1. Log into your Spotify Business username in the Spotify client on a device and prepare playlists that you want to use. 
  2. Log into your username in the Spotify app in your Sonos system and enjoy the music.

If you have any questions on how to get started with your Sonos system or using the line-input, contact your Sonos reseller, and they’ll help you out.