Our scheduling tool lets you create your soundtrack and a distinct brand sound using Spotify playlists. Follow this guide and have your schedule playing within minutes.

1. Create a schedule

Go to "Your Music", click on "Create schedule" and name it.

2. Import playlists from the Spotify client

Your schedule is created. Keep it in the browser while you open the Spotify client on your computer. You can import playlists from any Spotify account, both Free and Premium. Click on one of the playlists that you'd like to use in Spotify Business, and drag and drop it from the Spotify client to the schedule in your web browser.

3. Schedule your playlists

You can find your imported playlists in the left-hand-side menu of the schedule. 

Drag and drop a playlist to a time and day when you want it to play. Remember to schedule the playlists so that they cover your opening hours.

You can create a sequence by placing several playlists in one time slot at the same time. A track from each playlist will play in the order that the sequence is planned. In the example below, a track from "Mood Booster" will play followed by one track from "Today's Top Hits," one track from "Future House" and yet another track from "Today's Top Hits."

Drag and drop the playlists in your sequence to change the order. Click on the - symbol next to the playlist to remove a playlist from a sequence.

Don't forget to save your schedule when you're done.

Pro tip:

* Save time by copying a scheduled time slot to the next day. Hold ALT while dragging and dropping the planned music to the time slot where you want to copy it.

* Schedule a soundtrack for the entire day by holding Shift while double clicking on the playlist or soundtrack.