There can be different reasons to why the music temporarily stops on your Soundtrack Player. Follow these 4 quick steps to fix the problem right away.

1. Restart the box

Unplug the power cable and then plug the cable back in. If your box has a power button, hold it for three seconds and make sure the blue light is switched on.

2. Check the cables

Check that the following cables are plugged in:

  • Power cable
  • Network cable
  • Audio cable

3. Check your Internet connection

If possible, plug in the network cable into a computer. If you can’t access the Internet from your computer, that is probably why the music stopped. Troubleshoot your Internet connection.

4. Plug in a pair of headphones

If possible, unplug the audio cable and plug in a pair of headphones. If you hear music, please check your sound system. Remember to plug in the audio cable when you're done.

Need help?

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