There can be different reasons why the music temporarily stops playing on your Windows PC. Follow these 4 quick steps to fix the problem right away.

1. Check that Spotify Business for Windows is on

Double-click on the Spotify Business-icon on the desktop. Make sure that you're not using the regular Spotify client.

2. Troubleshoot on your computer

Right click the Spotify Business-icon in your task bar and select Troubleshoot. Make sure that all values say Yes. If it doesn't, please contact your Spotify Business admin for further assistance.

3. Restart Spotify Business on your computer

Right-click on the tray icon and select Quit. Then restart Player for Spotify Business by double-clicking on the Spotify Business-icon on your desktop.

4. Restart your computer

Spotify Business should start once Windows has restarted. If it doesn't, just click the Spotify Business-icon in your Programs folder.

Need help?

Contact your Spotify Business admin to get help to troubleshoot Spotify Business as admin. Or contact us, and we'll gladly help you out.