You can change the default settings for a zone so they better suit your needs. Please note that changes made in this settings will only affect new zones, and not your current ones. 

Sound settings

The default setting is Stereo but you can select Mono from the drop down menu.

Music quality

The default setting is Normal (96 kbit/s). You can also choose High (160 kbit/s) or Extreme (320 kbit/s). If you want to choose a higher music quality you should be aware that the music will take up more storage on your device. 


The Crossfade feature helps you to avoid gaps in your music and creates a smoother transition between songs. It fades out the currently playing song while fading into the next one. You can adjust the crossfade length up to 10 seconds or turn it off completely.

Volume EQ

Volume equalization compensates for any difference in volume between songs which gives your customers a smoother listening experience. 

Remote for Spotify Business

The default setting is on, but can choose to turn it off.