By default, the Soundtrack Player uses dynamic IP (DHCP), but you can easily configure the streaming box for static IP with a USB-stick.

  1. Adjust the attached .json file with your own network information.
  2. Copy the .json file to an empty USB-stick. Do not rename the file.
  3. Plug in a set of headphones to the player. You will need to listen for a series of beeps to confirm proper setup.
  4. Plug in the USB-stick into the Soundtrack Player and make sure the player is on and connected to the internet.
  5. Listen for a series of three (3) beeps after about 15-30 seconds. If you don't hear anything, try again.
  6. After you have heard the confirmation beeps, unplug the USB-stick and restart the Soundtrack Player by pulling the power cable out and plugging it back in. 

At this point the player is ready to begin downloading the latest software. It can take upwards of 15 minutes for the download to complete and music to start playing.

If you've set static IP and want to revert to dynamic IP, just use the same .json file and remove everything except the two curly brackets { }.