There's so much great music on Spotify and you've probably already made a playlist of your favorite tracks. Getting access to them on your Business account is easy, just follow this guide and you'll be good to go in no time!

1. Log in to Spotify with your Spotify Business username

2. Go to the search box and type spotify:user followed by your personal Spotify username without spacing. This should look like in the picture below, where we have searched for our company account.

3. Click on the playlist that you'd like to copy 

4. Mark all songs in the playlist (press CTRL+A or cmd+A if you're using Mac)

5. Right click on the playlist, then choose "Add to playlist" > "New playlist"

6. The new playlist will be added to your account! To change its name, just right click on it under "Your playlists", and select "Edit". Choose a new name for it and click "Save".